​San Antonio, TX - Innovative Neurotronics, Inc. has received Frost & Sullivan's prestigious 2006 U.S. Orthopedics Product of the Year Award for its product, the WalkAide® System. Frost & Sullivan, a global leader in market research and growth consulting, recognized the WalkAide as particularly innovative and superior to other offerings in this sector.

"The WalkAide picks up where traditional therapies leave off," said Sheila Ewing, research analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "The latest clinical data suggests that traditional rehabilitation ends prior to the patient's full recovery. While many traditional therapies are complete in three months, patients using the WalkAide at home continue to show significant improvement, increasing their walking speed by up to 50 percent and the number of daily steps taken. This device provides numerous benefits, including an increase in strength and endurance, reduced energy consumption, assistance with muscle atrophy, and improved range of motion. There is no other product like the WalkAide on the market that can provide these benefits."

According to the analyst team, several of the device's features and benefits made the WalkAide stand out when compared to the other evaluated products. The WalkAide's diagnostic component makes it unique and very sophisticated. Its ability to rehabilitate patients months after the traditional rehabilitation period has ended was another defining benefit. The device's ease of operation and use was recognized as a factor that could help increase patient compliance. Comparing the technologies based upon external stimulation within the field of stroke rehabilitation, the industry experts concluded that WalkAide stood out as a product to watch. Frost & Sullivan believes the WalkAide has tremendous potential for rapid growth, as the product continues to gain market acceptance.

"We are proud to accept this esteemed honor as independent validation of the efficacy and innovation of our first product," Innovative Neurotronics President Jeff Martin said. "The WalkAide embodies the quality and creativity we are dedicated to bringing to market today and in the future. With this innovation and others to follow, we will improve the lives of millions of patients."

To qualify for the Frost & Sullivan Award, candidates must demonstrate excellence in new products and technologies within their industry. A team of analysts track companies' new product launches, R&D spending, products in development, and new product features and modifications through interviews with market participants and extensive secondary and technology research. New product launches and new products in development in each company are compared and evaluated based on degree of innovation and customer satisfaction.

Patients suffering from stroke, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury, as well as other pathologies, such as multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy, now have the opportunity for greater independence. Launched in May 2006 as the first product in the area of Myo-Orthotics"™ Technology, the WalkAide was designed to assist patients with paralysis or weakness of the legs, referred to as foot drop. By using a patented sensor technology accelerometer and transmitting data through a Bluetooth connection, this device sends electric signals to the peroneal nerve, alerting the muscles to raise the patient s foot at the appropriate time in the gait cycle. The AA battery-operated device does not require surgery, external wires, or special shoes, thereby maximizing patients' mobility and freedom.

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Source: Frost & Sullivan