The following is an excerpt from an article by Brady Delander of The O&P Edge, March 2008. The article provides a glimpse into the life of 9-year-old Hannah Ganoe who survived a postoperative stroke after the removal a brain tumor when she was just 1 year-old. Hannah is thriving today, thanks in part to the WalkAide device and certified orthotist Marleta Ouverson’s creative clinical care.

“As Hannah Ganoe plays basketball, she uses a bit too much muscle. Instead of dropping her shots softly through the hoop, she rears back and fires the foam ball right off the Dora the Explorer backboard, and the ball ends up somewhere in the kitchen-on top of the refrigerator, on the counter, in the sink-anywhere but through the net. With each wild shot, though, Hannah smiles and laughs before chasing after the rebound, anxious to shoot again.

For Hannah, this is one of many small miracles that have happened in her life so far. And if anyone deserves such miracles, it's Hannah...

…Hannah, who says she likes art, music, and physical education classes the best at Mountain View Elementary in Broomfield, could barely be contained after being fit with the WalkAide.”

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